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Local residents and users of Moseley Road baths have campaigned for many years to have this very special building restored and it’s future as a swimming facility secured.

Campaigning can be hard work; it takes energy, commitment and determination. It requires the support of a group of people and a dedication to team work.

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Be Heard! Campaigning Tips
The pictures in this section illustrate how groups can employ creative ideas to get their message across. These public displays help raise awareness of your campaign. Behind the scenes, a successful campaign will also involve much work generating ideas, organising events and writing letters and reports.

Whether you want to join the efforts to save Moseley Road Baths or have a campaign of your own to pursue, you might find the following ten steps to getting your voice heard useful…

  • Gather A Group
    Gather together a group of like-minded friends, neighbours, family etc, and agree on what you want to say.
  • Advertise A Public Meeting
    Advertise a public meeting so that even more people can find out about your aims and objectives.
  • Raising Funds
    If you want to raise funds your group will need a name, a constitution, a committee and access to a bank account. You will also need to elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Make Plans
    Draw up plans to raise awareness about your campaign and about how to say what you want loud and clear, and decide who you want to say it too.
  • Get Active
    Remember though, it is not just about making plans, one small action can speak louder than a thousand words - so get out there and get active.
  • Involve Local Authorities And Communities
    If possible, involve representatives from your local Council or community organisations.
  • Write Letters And Contact Officials
    Write to the press, Councillors, MPs and other elected representatives along with any other individuals and organisations who may be interested in your campaign. Contact people who can make a difference and who may be influential and make as many links with these people as possible.
  • Be Seen At Local Events
    Be sure to have a presence at local fairs, carnivals and other public events. If none are scheduled, then organise your own.
  • Use The Internet
    Create a website or e-group to raise awareness of the issues that you feel are important. This could be something simple and straightforward such as a Yahoo Group (e.g. Balsall Heath Online), a Facebook (Friends of Moseley Road Baths) or Myspace account, an organisation website (St. Paul’s Community Project, Balsall Heath Forum) or even a Virtual Tour, like this one.

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Moseley road campaign promotion with badges reading friends of moseley road baths

sign at campaign stand reads friends of moseley road baths

busy campaign stall raising awareness of the campaign and restoration project for moseley road baths

celebrating moseley roads 100th birthday with cards drawn by children to support the retoration campaign

christmas campaigners with banner sign reading save moseley road baths